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WASARA was born from a desire to design tableware that perfectly complements the dishes you serve and creates a heartwarming and comfortable setting. 

WASARA has been designed to use all tree-free materials, specifically, bamboo and bagasse. Bamboo grows extremely fast, and is a hardy plant that is readily renewed. Bagasse is a sugarcane fiber after extracting juice from sugarcane, and approximately one hundred million tons is produced every year. While some is burned for fuel, much of it is simply discarded as waste. Based on bamboo and bagasse, environmentally-friendly WASARA products reduce the burden on the natural environment, and can be produced without fear of exhausting our natural resources.


  • Made with 100% tree-free, renewable materials 
  • Suitable for cold or hot foods
  • Oil- and water-resistant
  • Great for home party and event
  • Great also for displaying food- and non-food items

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