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Who is Sori Yanagi?

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Portrait du designer Sori Yanagi


“True design lies in a realm counter to trends.” by Yanagi Sori


In our shop, you can find a range of kitchen tools designed by internationally renowned Japanese product designer Yanagi Sori (1915-2011). The Japanese modern designer who merged simplicity and practically with elements of traditional Japanese crafts. His products illustrate his thinking: true beauty is not made, it is born naturally. When he created a new product, he made the first versions over and over by hand, seeking new forms that took shape from both new and old ideas.

Yanagi was born in Tokyo, he was the son of Yanagi Soetsu, founder of the mingei (folk crafts) movement. Yanagi studied at Tokyo Arts School and developed an interest in modern design, becoming influenced by the work of Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, whose office he worked in during the 1940s.

In 1952 he founded the Yanagi Industrial Design Institute which created a prolific number of items for daily use and home furnishing. In 1977, Yanagi Sori was named Director of the Japanese Folk Art Museum in Tokyo.

In addition to household products, Yanagi designed the official torch for the Tokyo Olympic in 1964, and 1972 Winter Olympic in Sapporo Japan.