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Sori Yanagi Grill Pan 22cm (8.7")

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Great grill iron pan from Sori Yanagi with iron lid and handle.

The largest differences between cast iron (known as Nambu Tekki) and iron plate is its thickness. With thin iron plate, it could not keep the heat for a long time and easily burned by heated unevenly. On the other hand, thick iron casting keeps its own heat and conducts to all face and helps you to make more delicious cuisine. Also as it contains iron, you could balance your health well. This grill pan can be used with gas, induction heater (200V) and even in oven (without lid), the entire cooking heater (except microwave).

This is a part of collection of Sori Yanagi cookware that won GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 1998.


Materials: Iron
Size: 13.0" x 9.8" x 3.5" 
Care: Dishwasher safe
Made in Japan